Prague, September 2014 - T'ui shou workshop

18/08/2014 11:01



from 10am till 1pm in the center of Prague at Strelecky ostrov.

His workshop will be entirely devoted to what he considers to be the definitive skill of Taijiquan, that is, the ability to make taijis. This is an entirely cooperative skill that compliments the martial aspect of Taijiquan, and is generally referred to as its “Civil” aspect. It is, effectively, a non-zero sum game concealed within a zero sum game. Its complimentary function is the secret to the effectiveness of Taijiquan as a competitive martial art, although its practice itself is completely and demandingly cooperative and non-competitive. It is also the core principle of p’eng chin, and the key to the only method of rooting that is in accordance with Taijiquan’s highest principles. It is explained in elaborate detail in his recently published book,  The Theoretical Basis of T’ai Chi Ch’uan , available in February as an Amazon e-book.

The workshop will be entirely t’ui-shou oriented, and is independent of any style. When the Classics say “In a myriad of techniques, there is only one principle,” it is exactly this principle that will be directly addressed. Its basic practice is equally graspable by expert and beginner alike, and equally enlightening to either.

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